AOW Series: Alpha and Beta Mech Version 2

AOW Series: Alpha and Beta Mech Version 2

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The AOW (Arts on Wood) series displays a unique approach on having a crafted piece of art either printed or transferred on thin wood sheets. I am a fan of art being created on wooden canvases. This series will often be limited so act now before its gone.

About Alpha and Beta Mech Version 2

I showcased a version 1 of these prints at DesignerCon of 2018. In version 1, I hand crafted and transfer the art every sheet myself. Though the quality was great, the production cost was high. Now, in version 2, I made some adjustments in the production cost where every print retains its richness in color along with the stamp of authenticity.

Product and Delivery

  • $15 each or $25 for double set series.

  • Size: 5”x7” on veneer maple wood sheet

  • Hand Signed by artist

Shipping and Handling

Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for shipping to be complete. I will take great care to make sure your package is safe and secure from postal handling.

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