Commissions - Sketchbook

Commissions - Sketchbook

from 300.00

Get a one-of-a-kind, fully customized, sketchbook of your own. If you like my sketchbook drawings, then you have the opportunity commission me to create one just for you. Each Sketchbook consist about 20 pages in its interior. I will leave no pages undone including the front and back sides of each page. So that is equivalent to almost 40 drawings!

How it works.

Following your purchase, fill out the description form that will allow you to outline the basic theme of your newly customized Muji Sketch Book. Based on your description, I’ll will get to drawing.


You have a choice to send me your sketchbook or purchase one at my store. This sketchbook is sized at 162x225mm (9x6.5 inches) with 20 pages. The sketchbook you send me must be at the same specs as mentioned here. For further questions, please contact me.


There is no real deadline after the purchase. I will get started as soon as possible, however, the completion of your book is determined by the schedule of the artist. You will be contacted by the artist with regular updates regarding its status.

Prices and Payment

$600 - Full Payment / $300 - Half Payment / Sketchbook - $10.00

You can pay either in full or half payment. If paying half, customer will be responsible to make the final payment before shipping.

What does it come with?

Each sketchbook will come with:

  1. Muji Sketchbook (9x6.5 inch) - Customized drawings created by the artist .

  2. R-Cube giveaways such as stickers or other merchandise.

Shipping and Handling

After the completion of your sketchbook, shipping can take up to 2-4 weeks to be complete. I will take great care to make sure your package is safe and secure from postal handling.

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