The Drawing Process

The drawing process is handled through an app on my iPad called Procreate. The app takes a record of every stroke you make. This allows me to have a video capture of the entire process from beginning to end.

Artist: Ritchie Ramirez


Alpha and Beta Mech

version 1

This project was first showcased at Designer Con of 2018. It features a method of transferring digital art on a wooden surface. For Designer Con, I created about 50 sheets to sell. This resulted in long unwanted hours in the studio. I chose mechs and robots because it’s something I am most comfortable drawing. Now it’s becoming a thing where every mech drawing I do on my iPad will most like become a print on a 5”x7” on a veneer wood sheet. I enjoy doing these types of drawings however, having them transferred on veneer sheets have been mixed bag of reviews in the public eye. Other than your traditional artists prints, having prints on a piece of wood can be a bit odd, understandably so. On the other hand, those who are intrigued by the prints often takes a second look and are surprised on how its on wood. This line is definitely worth experimenting more and I will make more adjustments to this product as I go.

version 2

Because the production time for version 1 was so taxing for me with time and supplies, I have these prints outsourced, which cuts the cost and time in half. Version 2, now available in my shop, turned out incredible with with vibrant colors and natural art aesthetic.