Open house & Ace 121 presents

Common-Unity Art Show

I am excited to start off the new year with an art show featuring artists from the Open House family nationwide. Open House is a collective of dancers who believe in cultivating the merits of “House” culture for everyone to enjoy. Focusing on the aspect of dance and its community, Open House holds weekly dance sessions for everyone to practice their craft through music from a live DJ and endless dance cyphers. I have been a part of this organization since day 1 of its launch and it has consisted of nothing but a diverse crowd of individuals sharing and exchanging their rich knowledge of dance, music, and culture. Now, as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we come together and use our artistic abilities to showcase our experiences in an art show called “Common-Unity”.


What am I featuring?

For this show, I am featuring 5 new pieces that are portraits of my thoughts and feelings of this dance community that I have been apart of for so long. At a young age, b-boying (breakdancing) consumed my life for many years. This led to a variety of experiences: training, dance crews, worldwide competitions, and live performances. Later on, I studied House dancing to which I attribute the full extension of my individuality, expression in movement, and finding peace in life. Now, after 20 years of being a dancer, I find myself maintaining this lifestyle because the practice provides healing to my mind, body and soul.


Please note that prints will be on sale within the scheduled timeframe. All purchases must be made online or in person. All sales are final. Details of the sale can be found in the link above.



Block Party

Digital Painting, 18x24 giclee print

Hip Hop, understood as the 4 elements, hasn’t gone away but more so, it has evolved. Here is a captured moment of how these elements are at play in current times. Though events like these can cause sensory overloads, overall, peace can be found when the light is focused on one of these elements.



Catching the Ghost

Digital Drawing on Procreate, 17x11 giclee print

That moment of bliss when you feel like you are on “Cloud 9”, executing your moves, and breaking apart the physical world as you understand it. Often times, these feelings cannot be taught but only experienced upon a breakthrough when working on your craft. For me, that feeling often looks like a vast, mindless scenery with no one around but you and your goals.



Humble beginnings

Digital Drawing on Procreate, 11x17 giclee print

As the old saying goes, “You have to know where you come from in order to know where you are going”. This portrait represents how many of us start from the beginning, unaware that these first steps are large leaps to going places that are larger than life. Once you’ve reached another destination, you start back all over again learning new foundation, only to travel to another destination and so forth. However, our paths can be deterred if we don’t remind ourselves of what our childhood memories felt like.



Meet the crew

Digital Drawing on Procreate, 17x11 giclee print

It is inevitable that you will meet other individuals from different cultures and interests. I often say that each genre of dance carries its own personality, look, language, and way of life. These characters are just a few of many others that exist in this huge world. Every dance form evolves from a foundation, and these are some of the roots to the branches you see in the trees.



Dance World Map

Digital Drawing on Procreate, 11x17 giclee print

So you want to be a dancer? That moment when you decide to take the train and step out, it hits you hard. You realize that there are infinite paths to take that are governed by high standards, politics, and just sheer drama. Furthermore, you also realize which industries dominate this world’s economy. But fret not. There is something for everyone here. This world is rich, diverse, and full of many flavors. Pick and choose wisely.